Royal Society Summer Exhibition 2022

The Future of Fusion

Energy from the fusion of light nuclei (the power source of the Sun and stars) has long been coveted as a source of low carbon, safe and abundant electricity here on Earth.

Recent advances from the UK’s world leading research programme (led by the
UK Atomic Energy Authority at centres in Oxfordshire and Yorkshire) means we are closer now to a fusion energy future than ever before ….

But the engineering challenges of putting fusion on the grid in the future are significant – not least exhausting excess heat from a hot gas of fuels that is ten times hotter than the core of the Sun! Results from an innovative exhaust system, now being tested on the UKAEA’s MAST Upgrade fusion experiment, have demonstrated how we can indeed do this with manageable heat loads – a real game changer for economically viable fusion energy.

Come along to UKAEA’s stand at the Royal Society’s Summer Exhibition to learn (through hands on demonstrations and talking to real fusion scientists) about fusion energy; how UKAEA are tackling the heat exhaust issue and how the UK are working towards a Fusion Future.  

MAST U Cutaway