Mirion Technologies (Canberra UK) Ltd

Mirion Technologies is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of radiometric instrumentation for a diverse range of applications including laboratory measurements, process monitoring, health physics, material accountancy, security and decommissioning in the nuclear industry.
Mirion aim to work closely with their customers to ensure that they provide innovative, high-quality products, measurement systems and services. Based on the Harwell Campus with a projects office in Warrington and remote Service Centres located near Sellafield and Dounreay.
Focused on the nuclear market, Mirion’s major customers include Sellafield Ltd, DSRL, LLWR Ltd, Magnox Ltd, EDF, MoD, UKAEA and the research community.
Mirion Technologies has UK and international teams of physicists who are dedicated to developing the best solution available for its customers. Mirion’s service engineers are experienced in set-up, calibration and maintenance of radiometric equipment. The highly skilled team also performs gamma spectrometry and other measurements at customer sites as well as set-up of new measurement procedures and data analysis.
Mirion’s services include:
• Supply of Off-The-Shelf and custom radiometric instruments for all radiation types
• Measurement systems for special radionuclides such as Tritium and Carbon-14
• Supply of high-temperature and High-radiation tolerant cameras and systems
• Consultancy to determine optimum radiometric strategy for customer’s process/nuclear waste/fuel processing operations
• Feasibility studies including concept designs and performance assessments, to develop new assay systems and radiometric characterisation processes for specific applications
• Operation of suites of assay equipment for customers (including Mobile Characterisation Services or MCS), incorporating setting up, operations and QA procedures, and reporting
• ‘In-Situ’ gamma imaging measurements using portable gamma camera equipment
• Development and implementation of complete in-situ waste activity characterisation and dose-rate mapping solutions using combined measurement techniques
• Expert data review of assay results for customer’s equipment, including interpretation of results and recommended action
• Specialist advice and training in Mirion’s radiometric equipment, software and best practice procedures
• Specialist technical services to perform shielding calculations, assay system performance modelling using specialist codes.