Acres Engineering Ltd – Creative Engineered Solutions (DE73 8JB)

Acres Engineering, are based in Melbourne Derbyshire, we design and manufacture custom support equipment, which is used by many companies worldwide.

Our products include platforms, stillages, barriers, trolleys, dolly’s, inspection/test equipment, kitting media, lifting equipment, racks, rotor stands, and industrial trestles to name a few.

We have worked and continue to do so with a plethora of companies which include, Rolls Royce, Siemens, Caterpillar, JCB, Lotus, GE and McLaren.

We have the following in house capabilities; design team, laser cutting (tube and sheet), water jet cutting, fabrication, powder coating, mechanical-electrical assembly, load testing, CE marking and servicing.

We believe in our commitment and passion towards CRS, STEM, Charity and support for our Armed Forces speaks volumes about the type of business we are and provides you with confidence that as a supplier we could add value to your projects.