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The ITER Hot Cell is vital to the success of what will be the world’s largest fusion reactor. Fulfilling the requirements will take a collaborative effort from industry, specialist SMEs and research institutes. 


UKAEA’s ITER Hot Cell Directory provides organisations with the opportunity to list their capabilities or increase their understanding about others. 


You can add your details to the directory or for more information email 

Capula Ltd

Capula is a leading automation and real-time business intelligence company; specialists in System Integration, Automation, Control, BI Solutions and Services with major customers in the Nuclear, Energy, Power, Transmission, Distribution and Industrial markets. The Company is renowned for its innovation, technical excellence, project and program delivery, quality, safety performance and service…


Established in 1983, we have a long and proud track record of delivering high quality, often bespoke, products and services across a broad range of markets.

From initial contact through to work completion, our Excellent People offer customer focused, pragmatic engineering services. Although bespoke solutions are one of our specialities, we also recognise the benefits of utilising and in…

Shadow Robot

Britain’s longest-running robot company building next-generation robot hands and systems. Shadow is best known for its Dexterous Hand, the world’s most advanced robot hand, reproducing, as closely as possible, the kinematics and dexterity of a human hand. The company is also a pioneer in the fast-developing fields of teleoperation and telepresence with their Tactile Telerobot, where the Sh…

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United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority

UKAEA researches fusion energy and related technologies, with the aim of positioning the UK as a leader in sustainable nuclear energy. Our mission is to deliver sustainable fusion energy and maximise scientific and economic impact.

UKAEA manages the UK fusion programme at the Culham Centre for Fusion Energy (CCFE) which is one of the world’s leading fusion research laboratories. Our s…