Cyclife UK

Cyclife is EDF Group’s subsidiary dedicated to the challenges of the decommissioning market and the growing requirements to recycle nuclear waste
- Develop innovative cost-effective solutions for waste management and decommissioning
- Answer the growing need to reduce volume, recycle waste and preserve disposal capacity
- Use EDF’s skills and assets to offer efficient decommissioning and waste management solutions following a waste-led decommissioning approach

Specific areas of focus include:
Plant physical & radiological inventory: Cyclife provides a turnkey state-of-the-art physical and radiological inventory of the entire nuclear power plant from calculations to final characterisation.
Technical support: Cyclife can provide on-site decommissioning projects, taking benefit of its technical expertise in decontamination of systems, structures and sites (soil and groundwater).
Dismantling: Cyclife can perform a wide range of dismantling services, including cold and hot segmentation.
Optimization with digital: DEMplus® for nuclear® is a decision support and simulation tool based on real-time 3D technologies. This application calculates cost, time, waste flows and effective dose uptake by operators during an activity related to operations, maintenance or dismantling in order to effectively select the optimized scenario.
Preliminary studies and decommissioning strategy: Cyclife undertake preliminary studies and decommissioning strategies:
Program and project management: Cyclife offers tools and professional expertise to deliver decommissioning project management solutions and actions to schedule transition period, thanks to the presence of technical experts throughout the entire duration of the project.
Costing: Cyclife assesses, optimizes the risks and contingencies for cost estimates, using technical insights from best international practices and benchmarking in-house.
Professional training: Cyclife’s experts provide bespoke training to decommissioning personnel, from on-site operators to program managers