ECM Technologies

Expert in heat treatment solutions, ECM Technologies, founded in 1928, is recognized all over the world for its innovations, technologies, processes, solutions and services.
It built its reputation and growth on three pillars: the mastery of thermal applications, gas management and atmosphere management. These three skills allowed it to expand to all industrial fields requiring heat in particular conditions and complex environments - including the Nuclear Industry.
ECM Technologies responds expertly to the specificities and standards of this sector and especially in the fuel cycle, plant dismantling and waste management. From melting to vacuum heat treatments or controlled atmospheres up to 3000°C.
It delivered “turnkey” installations for thermal processes in nuclear environment for UO2 Conversion Plant, Enrichment Plant, UO2 Pellets Manufacturing, MOX Pellets Manufacturing, Cladding Tube Manufacturing, Research Centres, Laboratories, Waste Treatment Plants.
Finally, ECM Technologies supports its customer at each step of their project: Feasibility study, Basic Engineering, Detail Design, Manufacturing, Assembly, Commissioning, Site Work.