Engineering Analysis Services Limited

Engineering Analysis Services Limited (EASL) has long-standing experience serving the nuclear industry and is a leading provider of conceptual engineering, product design, and project engineering. We focus on finding innovative solutions to challenging design requirements, employing the most cost-effective means available, and providing only what the customer requires. The technical services offered by EASL span the whole asset lifecycle.
EASL is an advanced engineering consultancy specialising in providing cost-effective solutions to novel and innovative design challenges, and managing projects to meet demanding timescales with defined budgets. As experts in design, analysis, and assessment, EASL’s team of engineers, designers, and project managers provides a rich array of services to our clients.
EASL has specific experience in:
• nuclear materials including in-core and in-vessel components for fusion and fission reactors including operation at temperatures up to 650°C
• high-temperature gas systems including MAST, ITER, and AGR components
• nuclear interactions
• power generation systems
• design consideration for electromagnetic loading from magnetic systems
• materials research for superconducting technology
• plant layout for process plant, piping, and vessels
• gas pumping systems including AGR gas circulators, gas by-pass plant, absorbers driers, etc.
• literature searches for cryogenic materials properties
• general engineering capability
• analysis code and software development for specialist design applications