Frewer & Co Engineers Ltd

Frewer Engineering is a design and analysis consultancy. As a Small to Medium-sized Enterprise (SME) we pride ourselves on our agility and pace of problem solving for customers in highly regulated industry sectors. We offer full design lifecycle, from concept through to detailed design, manufacturing support and decommissioning. Our analysis capabilities include CFD, FEA, thermal, radiation and magnetic field modelling. We have experience of working with multiple design and analysis software systems and our methods of operation with these tools allow us to iterate solutions quickly, delivering fully optimised results. This capability is coupled with in-house project management experience, appropriate for large and complex projects up to £2million in value. We will often support in liaison with regulators such as the Office for Nuclear Regulation (ONR), as well as Notified Bodies, such as Lloyds, TUV and DEKRA, supporting the justification of high-category Pressure Equipment. We have an array of experienced Chartered Engineers with many years of experience in the nuclear fusion sector. We have experience of working on JET and ITER research facilities, particularly focussed on Neutral Beam componentry and radiation shielding. We also have experience of the computational modelling of fault cases such as shock, blast, impact, and fire, for example offering Digital Twin modelling of canister drop tests, with excellent correlation to physical testing.