Graham Engineering Ltd are suppliers of complex fabricated stainless-steel projects for highly regulated industries (Nuclear, Aerospace, Defence, Medical, Security & Green Energy). Nuclear Projects include containers up to 4m3 and containers for processing and storing nuclear waste. A long-term supplier across the UK NDA Estate, GEL has manufactured a whole range of bespoke fabrications along with volume productions and is fully conversant with Nuclear standards and specifications. It houses impressive capabilities for assurance of quality and self-certification of product. Specialists in early collaboration with client to understand design intent, remote process handling and other requirements for our Design for Manufacture, Prototype Development and Production stages. Precision materials cutting, deep drawn pressings, fabrication, machining and an outstanding welding facility including Robotic Laser welding suite is complemented by in-house NDT. 50 years of engineering expertise and the development of unique manufacturing techniques along with an ongoing capital and skills investment program are major contributors to the trusting client relationships and successful outcomes for their Projects, in terms of quality, manufacturability, demanding specifications and cost. Full traceability is provided via LTQR’s or Manufacturing Records.