i3D Robotics

i3D Robotics specialise in 3D machine vision technology, particularly stereo imaging for mapping of hazardous areas and robotic control. Our experienced team members come from a wide-range of academic and commercial backgrounds including machine vision, space, physics, optics and photonics. As well as providing off-the-shelf 3D imaging products, we are able to design bespoke inspection systems for many applications.

We specialise in:
- Stereo vision systems
- Flexible 3D vision systems for autonomous and robotic applications
- Systems for high temperature and harsh industrial environments (radiation)

Our 3D stereo vision algorithms have been developed by our academic partners for the Mars Rover missions. These algorithms use semi-global matching (SGM), an algorithm which is considered as one of the leading dense stereo matchers. Benefits include fast processing speeds, parallelization, robustness and accuracy makes SGM the preferred choice in a wide range of practical applications such as robotics, navigation and industrial processes.