IS Instruments

IS-Instruments was founded in 2010, and is focussed on the development of compact remote sensing instrumentation targeting industrial applications. The founders have more than a decade of experience working with LIDAR and 3D vision systems for space-borne applications, and are recognised internationally as experts in Fabry-Pérot systems, laser-based instrumentation, Photon Counting Techniques, high –precision interferometry and optical filtering. Over the years, they have built up a team of experts to develop instrumentation which is market-leading.

IS-Instrument’s spectrometer range includes a low-cost miniature spectrometer (the performance of which matches many of the market leaders at a fraction of the cost), through to the world’s highest throughput Raman spectrometer and bespoke LIDAR solutions. Their standard HES spectrometer offers a 100-fold increase in throughput over conventional systems. The spectrometers use a fibre rather than a slit to improve transmission, so where light would normally be lost, it is retained and focussed on the target, delivering a much stronger signal.

The team at ISI has the knowledge and experience to offer tailored solutions for clients with specific requirements. This sets them apart from other spectrometer engineers and they are becoming known as the ‘go-to’ organisation when particularly challenging measurements need to be made.