Since 1975, SIMIC is a diversified company with a solid experience in engineering, high-quality manufacturing of critical process equipment, assembly and maintenance of industrial plants. In recent years, SIMIC has developed an outstanding international reputation for engineering and manufacturing solutions across the whole product cycle in complex markets including the nuclear sector (fusion energy) for ITER Project in France.
We pride ourselves on our ability to work closely with our customers to develop and deliver innovative products of the highest quality and to achieve this goal we are constantly investing in equipment and resources.
We are convinced to have the capability and experience to support the UK Nuclear Demand at every step of the process, from the initial engineering phase, through to prototyping and on to manufacturing. We have been working, with our Customer’s full satisfaction, for the ITER project and we can offer a very competent and proactive approach to the manufacturing of components engineered for the Nuclear Industry, respecting the tight tolerances and high standards of the Nuclear requirements. In general, SIMIC can assure a proactive and problem-solving attitude with a strong "customer first" culture, supported by sound financial reliability.
The range of activities covered by SIMIC goes from the manufacturing and testing of complex mechanical components and pressure equipment, up to installation and maintenance of complete plants in various industrial sectors.