Suncombe Ltd

Suncombe Ltd offer bespoke engineered solutions and is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of skid mounted and modular pumping, pipework, vessel, tank, heat exchanger process equipment packages providing new and innovative solutions to engineering problems to the high-assurance industries with regulatory requirements. Suncombe was founded in 1961 and is operated by a close-knit team of qualified engineers who bring experience and knowledge in various high-assurance industries such as biotech and pharmaceutical. Primarily manufactured in 316L Stainless Steel we also offer duplex and other materials to provide Turnkey Projects and complete Full System Assemblies. We have the core disciplines in-house for development, design, modelling, automation, fabrication, manufacturing and system testing, which allows us to build and validate a wide range of systems. Our systems can be fully automated with highly validated industrial automation software with PLC and HMI software and hardware and Electrical design and panel build.