Thermic Edge Ltd

Specialists in very high temperature (up to 3000C) high vacuum heating applications, producing elements, heater stages and vacuum furnaces for all high temperature high vacuum applications at our facility in Hastings. We are constructing the 2000c heater array for Chimera Fusion project and have produced heaters for graphite tiles lining the MAST2 reactor. We also produce our own SiC3 and TiC3 ceramic coatings on graphite, ceramic and Tungsten components, at our facility in Scotland. SiC3 is for oxidising atmospheres up to 1600c and TiC3 is for high temperature high vacuum applications to 3000C. We also have our own ceramic machineshop in South Wales for technical ceramic components made from a variety of Boron Nitrides, BN composite and AlN materials. We have a sophisticated graphite machineshop in Germany producing high density graphite, Carbon Carbon Composite and graphite fibreboard components.