ICRA 2024 Workshop: Robotics for Nuclear Environments

Robotics for Nuclear Environments will be held at ICRA 2024 in Yokohama.

This full-day workshop will be organised by the University of Manchester and the UK Atomic Energy Authority.

This workshop will involve:

  1. Invited presentations on the topics of Fusion, Fission and Regulation & Trust.
  2. A panel discussion with an opportunity for general questions from the participants.
  3. A poster session over the lunch period. A call will be issued for posters.

We invite all ICRA attendees interested in nuclear fission and fusion to join us. We particularly encourage participation from those developing robotics for challenging environments including nuclear decommissioning, new nuclear, fusion energy, waste management and hot cell operations.

Your contributions are vital as we collectively enhance technology and knowledge about robotics for nuclear environments, to make energy production and decommissioning safer and more effective.


This workshop aims to promote collaboration among roboticists in the nuclear fission and fusion fields, with a focus on enhancing robotic technology for challenging nuclear environments. Robots excel in tasks involving radiation, extreme conditions, and inaccessibility, offering safety benefits.

The workshop addresses challenges such as decommissioning nuclear facilities, managing waste, and enabling efficient maintenance in fusion energy devices. Robotic technology will be crucial for these tasks.

Despite advancements in technologies, regulatory and safety concerns persist, underscoring the need for collaboration between the fission and fusion communities to overcome shared challenges and advance the field.