UK Microwaves in Beams and Plasmas

The UK Microwaves in Beams and Plasma Workshop will be held from 8 to 10 January 2024 at the Culham site near Oxford.

The Workshop aims at providing an informal and collaborative environment for the UK microwave community working on fusion plasma microwave applications. In addition, colleagues outside of UK join the workshop to discuss progress  and ongoing collaborations on an international scale. We would like to invite all those interested in microwave technologies and plasma beam propagation and attenuation to join us.

Abstract submission deadline: 30th November 2023
Please ensure your abstract is 500 words or less and is submitted as a word document or PDF.

Local organisers: Mark Henderson and Olivia Clarkson

Scientific Co-Ordinator: Simon Freethy

For any questions or abstraction submissions please contact us at 

Getting to Site

We have a well-established network of public transport options, including trains and buses. You can find links to the timetables below.

Culham | Great Western Railway (

Gala dinner arrangements:

A Gala dinner is scheduled to take place at Cherwell Boathouse, Oxford, on Monday 8th January. Additional information regarding the event will be provided in the near future.

Tours of MAST-U:

We will be offering tours of MAST-U and the MAST-U EBW area for all participants. Further details regarding the tours will be made available soon.